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My Wardrobe, My Style

Too many items super-crammed in your wardrobe? LimeLite to the rescue! With various storage solutions and superior design expertise, create a wardrobe storage solution perfect for your room. Work with our design team to create a customized wardrobe to fit your space!

Sliding Wardrobes

Space-Efficient, Perfect for the Narrow Passageway.

Openable Hinge Wardrobes

Classic, Lockable, and Sturdy Wardrobe Solution.

Sliding-Folding Wardrobes

Opening out and folding to one side.

L-Shaped Wardrobes

Comes with Storage-Friendly, In-Depth Corner Solutions!

The Ultimate Storage Solution


For Youngster

Growing and Ever-Changing


For Women

Posh and Efficient


For Gentleman

Competent and Classy

Your Customize Wardrobe For Your All Needs


Meet with the LimeLite design team to customize your wardrobe exactly as you’d like it. With the guidance of our team, choose your preferred exterior to complement your room and create your own interior solution to receive a custom-built solution made-to-order for your home!

Choose your custom Wardrobe

Get your dream kitchen with LimeLite! Work with our design team and select a style that is right for you! Choose from a variety of options in matt & high gloss finishes, various textures, and stylish patterns!

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